DOS Chain is a dedicated blockchain for gaming that leverages the existing infrastructure and security of the Avalanche Network. We are bringing a platform for launching Web3 games and entertainment blockchain deployments in one interoperable, zero gas fee, user-friendly, highly scalable ecosystem with near-instant transaction finality.

Players can have the best gaming experience without worrying about complicated Web3 processes and security. Game developers can quickly build on DOS as easily as they develop Web2 games.

DOS Chain

DOS stands for "Decentralized Operating System" and is the native token of DOS Chain. It’s a hard-capped, scarce asset that is used to pay for fees, provide a basic unit of account between the multiple games created on DOS Chain and acts as a governance token. Holding DOS gives you the right to make your voice heard and is necessary for participation in DOS Chain's decentralized on-chain governance.

Key Features

Zero Gas Fee

All the whitelisted smart contract functions on DOS are zero gas fee.


Uses a novel consensus protocol, developed by a team of Cornell computer scientists, and is able to permanently confirm transactions in under 1 second.


Capable of 4,500 transactions per second-an order of magnitude greater than existing blockchains. We can scale the TPS even more with adding or connecting with another subnet.


Ensures stronger security guarantees well-above the 51% standard of other networks.


Easily create custom blockchains and decentralized apps that contain almost any arbitrary logic.


Uses energy-efficient proof-of-stake consensus algorithm rather than proof-of-work.


Supports the creation of Solidity smart contracts and your favorite Ethereum tools along with faster finality and cheaper (and zero) transaction fees.

Designed for Gaming

Native support for easily creating and trading digital smart assets (NFT) with complex, custom rule-sets.

Future Goal

Innovation never sleeps, and it's clear that the future of DOS Chain goes into a world of over 1 billion users. DOS Chain's mission is to build the ecosystem that powers the world's parallel virtual ecosystem, and DOS Chain's commitment to the community is that it will be:

  • Super easy to use

  • Multi-chain

  • For players and developers

  • Permissionless

  • Forever decentralized


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