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How to check avalanchego logs?

tail .avalanchego/logs/main.log

How to check the subnet successfully deployed?

if the logs file contain these lines:

[04-17|15:50:45.332] INFO server/server.go:269 adding route {"url": "/ext/bc/22v7AG7h6qaVxd4bLvAsSsg2LZ4RCn5iVYgFn7a2Fj1LCuYwjv", "endpoint": "/rpc"} [04-17|15:50:45.332] INFO server/server.go:269 adding route {"url": "/ext/bc/22v7AG7h6qaVxd4bLvAsSsg2LZ4RCn5iVYgFn7a2Fj1LCuYwjv", "endpoint": "/ws"}

If you place the subnet-evm in wrong directory or wrong file name, what happens?

You will find this line:

ERROR node/node.go:849 failed to register VM {"vmID": "X5tFvg9JwoXgaYPQbceSzhGoCF6dhwrDm5BnAav6meFp3xxmg", "error": "handshake failed: vm process not found"}

how to get node information?

curl -X POST --data '{ "jsonrpc":"2.0", "id" :1, "method" :"info.getNodeID" }' -H 'content-type:application/json;'

sample output:

{ "jsonrpc": "2.0", "result": { "nodeID": "NodeID-5mb46qkSBj81k9g9e4VFjGGSbaaSLFRzD", "nodePOP": { "publicKey": "0x8f95423f7142d00a48e1014a3de8d28907d420dc33b3052a6dee03a3f2941a393c2351e354704ca66a3fc29870282e15", "proofOfPossession": "0x86a3ab4c45cfe31cae34c1d06f212434ac71b1be6cfe046c80c162e057...." } }, "id": 1 }

Make sure your node healthy:

curl -X POST --data '{ "jsonrpc":"2.0", "id" :1, "method" :"" }' -H 'content-type:application/json;'

Your should see the words "healthy": true in the response object.

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